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Showcasing our Youth Animal Enterprises

The date was Sept 26, 2015 and yes the Molasses Festival was the scene of a still growing youth livestock program involving 4-H and FFA members. It all started back in January for some participants as they learned how to care for an animal. All youth had to attend a minimum of 4 workshops promoting animal agriculture and worked diligently to feed/water their animals as well as to train it to lead into the show arena.

Animal placement began at 10:00 am to determine the best animals in each class with the expertise of our judge, Annaliese Henderson from Wetzel County. Plaques and premium monies were given to the top 3 animals in each class. Showmanship in the arena began at 2:00 pm as each member tried to work their magic and impress the judge. Trophies were handed out to the top 3 in each class.

The livestock sale kicked off at 5:00 pm with our auctioneer, Tyler Harper, from Roane County. Bidders filled the chairs and bleachers ready to show support to these hard-working participants. Record numbers of dollars would be spent as the sale netted just over $42,000 going to students and some going back into the livestock program through generous donations of buyers giving the animal back for resale. This was our 6th livestock show and sale and we continue to grow and flourish.

We have so many to thank including the youth and their parents, livestock program members (Jason Nettles, Chip Westfall, Jenna Jett, Steve Jett, Don Poage, Daisy Bailey, Janet Summers, and David Vineyard), volunteers who set up and tore down, concession workers Jenna Jett and Shirley Chenoweth and the FFA officers from CCMHS, Daisy Bailey and the extension office, and lastly the generous buyers who have shown great financial support to our 4-H and FFA members.